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¡¤Tai Xu Pavilion
¡¤Qixia Feitian
¡¤Cloudy Pavilion
¡¤Memorial Stone Rill
¡¤Red Leaf Hill
¡¤Woyun Pavilion
¡¤King of the River
¡¤Mingjing Lake
¡¤Lu Yu Tea House
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Tai Xu Pavilion

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      Tai Xu Pavilion locates at the back of the mountain, is the embodiment of Taoism culture. If you come at late fall, sitting for a while and enjoying the red leaves on the mountain when leaning on the fence, it is just like the idyllic life and presenting the fantastic artistic circumstances of ¡°stopping the car as loving the night scenery of maple, the maple after frost is redder than the flowers in Feb.¡± compared to the ¡°night loving pavilion¡± on the Wuli Mountain in Changsha, it¡¯s never in the shade.