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Qixia Feitian

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      In 2000, archaeologists found the fresco ¡°Qixia Feitian¡± when they were researching on Qianfo Rock, the fresco is in ¡°# Mid 102¡± grotto, in Qianfo Rock. With a length of 80cm, width of 40cm, Feitian is the ¡°Entertaining God in Heaven¡± in Buddha world, who singing and playing musical instruments to entertain Buddha. The find of ¡°Qixia Feitian¡±, not only enriches the treasury of our ancient culture heritage, but also fills the blank of the spread of Dunhuang Culture to the east. It opens out the origin Dunhuang Culture and south represented by Qixia. The fresco, Qixia Feitian is the first fresco found in many grottos on Qianfo rock and also the only complete one which appealing the attention by many experts from domestic or overseas.