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Tai Xu Pavilion
Qixia Feitian
Cloudy Pavilion
Memorial Stone Rill
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King of the River
Mingjing Lake
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Cloudy Pavilion

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      Cloudy Pavilion is on the top of Tiger Mountain, with another name of Wangjing Pavilion. Looking up the sky in the pavilion, you can see immense blue sky. Looking down the plain, the endless Yangtze river rolls on. The flat-topped mountain is just like a peninsula extending to the north, with three sides are cliffs and only one stone connected to the hill path. Its a scenic spot with a unique style wins as its dangerous. Looking to the north, the River is under your eyes, riptide surges under your feet, fertilized field on both side are unlimited. Although its not as famous as Yellow Crane Tower, but it not less grand than Yellow Crane Tower.