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Memorial Stone Rill

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      Gao Qifeng(1889-1933), from Panyu, Guangdong, is the one of the creator of Lingnan School. He went east to Japan to learn painting when he was 17. He paints new national paintings after the merit of Gao Jianfu and Chen Shuren. On the international Art Exhibition on Belgium Worlds fair in 1931, Mr. Gao Qifeng as the representative of China to join in the exhibition, was awarded the excellent award and was famous in the world. He was died from sickness at Shanghai in Nov. 1933. Later in Dec. 1936, he was buried publicly near Peach Blossom Gully on Qixia Mountain, Nanjing. At that time, Mr. Lin Sen inscribes on the tombstone Tomb of Painitng Sage Mr. Gao Qifeng . He was the first painter as State funeral. There is a bronze of Gao Qifeng set up near the tomb, there are original inscriptions from Xu Beihong, Cai Yuanpei, Chen Shu etc at the four sides of the bronze, its one of the most important cultural scenic spot.