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¡¤Tai Xu Pavilion
¡¤Qixia Feitian
¡¤Cloudy Pavilion
¡¤Memorial Stone Rill
¡¤Red Leaf Hill
¡¤Woyun Pavilion
¡¤King of the River
¡¤Mingjing Lake
¡¤Lu Yu Tea House
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Woyun Pavilion

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As the renovation of the forest and washing out of the heavy rain, a rock, like heavy clouds moving was found in Fengfeng Peak of Qixia Mountain. After digging, people found in the end the rock is once famous Woyun Scenic Area but no record in history files. Archaeologist found there is inscription of the famous Hou Ke of Ming dynasty on the surface of one huge rock. Under ¡°marvelous spectacle of Woyun¡±, there are fourteen big characters on, ¡°today, Chengde, Xiangyu, Mengwu, Huanjue Zhaoxuan touring together¡±. From this we can know, Hou ke of Ming was touring Qixia Mountain with his good friend Chengde, Mengwu etc., and also with inscription of peach blossom and Maple Peak to memorize. In order to reappear the scenery of ¡°Wolong¡±, Qixia Mountain Scenic Area Management Office invested 2 million Yuan built a path on Woyun Scenery and planted famous bloom and trees to recover the site-¡°Woyun Pavilion¡±