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King of the River

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I    n 206 B.C., when the nation was united by Qing Shihuang (the first emperor of Qing), after his patrol of Tongting, Jiuyi Mountain, Qiantang, Huiji and Suzhou, he went west to Jinling, stationed near Yangtze River, along the way to step up Sheshan Mountain(Qixia Mountain). Shihuang arrived at the top of Sheshan, buried two walls to sacrifice heaven and earth, even commanded Li Si set up a monument with inscriptions on to declare to the whole nation. All these things indicated the mountaineering of Shihuang was not only a general patrol of the river and cross a river, but actually view history of realizing the united nation. In the spring of 2006, Qixia Scenic Area renew King of the River which is a imitating ancient architecture including pavilion with repeated eaves, corridors, porch and flat roof to view the scenery. Leaning on fence with a overlook, the river is running to east, hundreds of boats competing to progress. Both sides sceneries are in your eyes.