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Mingjing Lake

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Mingjing Lake was formed in the antient time since the world existing. In Qixia Mountian, water of Peach Blossom Gully and Zhongfeng Gully pours into Mingjing Lake. there are many nenuphars and water lillies in the lake. On the lake bank, weeping willow and sweet gum add rediance and beauty to each other. It´s the place for literators and gentlemen drinking and inditing. In 1751, Emperor Qianlong of Qing first came north to Qixia Mountain, as soon as he saw Mingjing Lake, he brushed a poem Mingjing Lake. A several meters high stone Kwan-yin Bodhisattva in the center of the lake who smiles kindly to all flesh. A rainbow pavilion was built in the center, a bending bridge as rainbow run through. The water in the lake is very clear like exactly bright mirror, if there is dimple, the light waves is moving. Red leaves reflect in the lake all around, just too many beautiful things.