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Lu Yu Tea House

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    Tang Dynasty Tea Sage Lu Yu (737-804) with a formal name Hongjian, from year 766 to 779, after tasted all the famous springs and teas all over China, he specially went to Qixia Mountian to grow teas, pluck teas, fry teas, taste teas, and finally he was recorded in the annals because of Tea Sutra composed by him. His living place is called "Fine House of Lu Yu". Management Office of Qixia Mountain rebuilt "Lu Yu Tea House" near the site of his house. the whole architecture is four floors with a style of imitation of Tang with a construction area of 800 square meters. Once you are on the roof, you can see the beautiful sceneries with a bird view such as Yangtze River, Purple Mountain, Nanjing City, Qixia Mountain. It´s another famous resort of Qixia Mountain Scenic Area