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Qianlong Imperial Garden





Qianlong Imperial Garden

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             Grand Ceremony of South Patrol records Imperial Garden in one of the ten sceneries of Qixia Mountain at Qing dynasty. Emperor Qianlong of Qing came down to Jiangnan six times and stayed on Qixia Xanadu five times. Emperor Garden was used to enjoy flowers, explore the quietness, recite and compose poems and write calligraphies. It composes a lonely bright royal garden with Remote House, pavilions, cabinets, corridors and porch. Rebuilt Imperial Garden locates at the core place of the scenic area, closing to mountains and water, at the rear is the main peak, at the front is the Peach Blossom Lake, South is Sky open rock. The garden is clothed with woods, in spring, its green like emerald, in autumn, its red like the fire. With a perfect geography location, nature-endowed, the rebuilt Imperial Garden is the other symbol architecture of Qixia Mountain.